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Work Anywhere

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Work Anywhere

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Work Anywhere

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ARE YOU READY TO DIGITALLY TRANSFORM TO - Stay Connected Work the way you always wanted to. Free yourself from business confusion. Access critical business information anywhere. Realise your profit goals.

Welcome to Iseka Services! We enable digital transformation of your business by using cloud-based Business Management Systems (BMS). Our aim is to transform your business into an efficient, connected, and an enjoyable places to work where you and your staff thrive.

Make your business what you always wanted it to be with our very own business management system.

Forget the hassle of using multiple systems that lead to poor performance. We can help provide and implement a single, yet powerful BMS that is affordable, accessible and user-friendly. Many businesses have been positively shaped by our digital transformation projects. 

Here’s what we do for our clients

Get Real-time Reports & Insights

  • Make smarter business decisions by leveraging powerful, real-time analytics

  • Measure and manage your organization’s territory-wide performance

  • Track key performance indicators, including current trends and future predictions

Manage Your Business From Anywhere

  • Digitise your business to the cloud so that you can access it remotely

  • Leverage ISO 27001 security to protect your business from attack or data loss.

  • Extend business information to the right staff wherever they are.

Automate Your Business To Drive Success

  • Work smarter by leaving recurring tasks to automation

  • Convert your business processes into repeatable tasks to drive profitable growth

  • Leverage the power of automated SMS to communicate more effectively with your customers

Integrate your business systems

  • Connect you different business tools to provide more efficient flow of data.

  • Get real time reporting of all your business units via the one portal.

  • Reduce speed of transactions to reduce cost and increase cash flow.

We Work Across Several Industries


Confidently prioritize and grow your logistics business with our service.


With us boosting your accommodation and travel business won’t be a problem.

Food & Beverage

Make your food service business go digital and super efficient.

Field Services

Proficiently shape and manage your field staffs and tasks.

Home Care

Expand your variety of home care services through one system.

Waste Management

Rely on our service to get exceptional results in waste management industry.

What Our Customers Say

Iseka really took our requirements with a strong focus on how we operate as a business. They took the time to understand our target customers and built a great website that met all of our needs. They were really easy to deal with and delivered everything as they promised. Their post sales support was also amazing.

Achieved one day per week in admin time. Our business was purely paper based, we wanted a way to not only put our business online but to simplify our daily operations. Iseka met our challenges by creating us an online booking system that allowed us to significantly reduce our administration time.  We now spend a lot more time on building our business and a lot less on paper work.

For years we managed our business with a book which meant we had to enter information many times before we got paid.  i-Bin has simplified our entire business.  We enter the order once, delivery the bin, pick up the bin. change the status and its all done.  It has reduced our office work by 75% as we don’t have to recreate everything.  Whats more it means we can hire additional drivers given that they just have to access the system to manage jobs.

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