Everything to help manage your reservations, streamline operations, and optimize your channels.

Iseka Services has experience in implementing CheckFront across a broad range of industries from hospitality, to tourism services and even waste management.

CheckFront with Iseka’s help can also be integrated into a rang of different other SaaS platforms, such as website, e-commerce, CRM, Accounting platforms and communications services such as sms and even WhatsApp thereby allowing service provides to fully integrate systems to achieve 100% digitization.

  • Consulting

    Determining the best software solutions for your business is paramount to ensuring your business goals are meet.  Iseka Services has the skills to help you not only determine the most appropriate software for your business as well as help determine a project plan so that you can achieve these goals.

  • Configuration

    Tools like CheckFront do not work out of the box, they invariable require a level of configuration to ensure they meet your business processes and objectives.  Iseka Services has implemented CheckFront into a number of business and as such is able to help you implement and configure with ease.

  • Integration

    CheckFront is an awesome booking engine but in most cases it cannot work in isolation.  To achieve 100% digitization of your business means that you will have other tools such as communication platforms, finance packages, CRM’s and the like that when tightly integrated into CheckFront leverages your investment and its outcomes.

  • Support

    Having access to CheckFront professionals is paramount, understanding how your CheckFront implementation works and how you can get the best out of it means being able to get help quickly and cost effectively.

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