Vartel Homes

Vartel Homes is one of the leading builders in South Eastern Victoria building 100’s of homes per years for local families.  The Vartel business focuses on quality and value for their customers.

Iseka solution – Vartel came to Iseka looking for a new way to present their business online so that new customers could search and select from the Vartel range of homes.  In addition they had a number of designs that only had 2D plans and therefore no images for display purposes.  To meet this need, Iseka developed a responsive website that was searchable based on the customers specific house requirements.  The website is easily update-able by Vartel marketing team and is of course mobile ready.

In addition Vartels internal network was causing a number of issues with employees.  Their server and storage environment was coming to its useful end.  Vartel where looking for a better way to operate, one that would not only improve operator performance but improve working flexibility.  In response Iseka Services, scoped and implemented an AWS Ec2 server and storage environment as well as cloud based hosted desktops enabling Vartel staff to work from wherever, whenever from any device.