Iseka I-Bin – Simplify your waste management business.

Iseka i-Bin is not just a customer facing website, it combines every facet of your waste management business into one system from online ordering, to inventory management and scheduling to invoicing and even connects to you finance system.  It simplifies your operational process so that you only enter information once and gives you a detailed view of your business and how it is performing.

Iseka i-Bin leverages cloud based internet technologies so all you need is an iPad to enable you to manage your entire process through a single system. i-Bin improves Customer retention and significantly reduces management overhead and the costs of running a waste management company.  Some of our customers advise that after implementing i-Bin they reduced their work load by 8 hrs per week!

Iseka i-Bin combines a mobile "operator" app, backed inventory management system and an online ordering system that ties your entire business into one system the result is your business will become a “paper-less” environment from order entry to invoice and payments processing significantly reducing costs and enable your business to grow profitable.

Less than $5 a day for most waste management business.

Pricing is billed monthly based total number of 1300 bookings per annum (options for additional bookings) and includes; setup, integration, website, operator app, end user training and ongoing support. Pricing is subject to terms and conditions. Iseka Services will provide a fixed price and you pick the components you need for your business. Discounts for annual payments and does not include any additional usage services such as SMS.

Pricing is subject to modification.

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