B2B e-Commerce Portal for Zoho CRM

Digitise your wholesale customer orders into your Zoho CRM environment.

Digitization of transactions and communication has become a mandatory expectation from your dealers, suppliers, vendors and distributors and vice versa. In the supply chain industry, businesses have started minimizing human interaction from the traditional customer service days and are moving towards digital B2B interactions of product research, purchase and distribution. This includes effortless self-service facilities and quick access to key information on your products, processes and support.

Essentially, a digitized B2B relationship between businesses provides autonomy to all the parties involved and faster logistic solutions lead to cost-effectiveness and operational efficiencies. LogixOne’s B2B Portal does exactly that – designed to digitize, simplify and automate your customers purchase orders, invoices, dealings and transactions with your clients. Our B2B portal for Zoho CRM aims to improve transparency in your business relationships to create a seamless partnership in the exchange of goods of services.