Iseka Services has been a Zoho Partner for over 8 years.  In that time we have helped numerous companies of all sizes and markets leverage Zoho products enabling them to significantly reduce cost and complexity in their business.

Zoho is a very powerful yet cost-effective way to digitally transform your business. In fact we have helped numerous companies run their entire business on zoho technologies and with Iseka Services help we have been able to tailor their Zoho environments in a unique way that many customers have gained operating efficiencies that only very large organisations can achieve.

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The Zoho product suite is significant, in fact there would be no other cloud SaaS (Software as a Service) provider that has the breadth of business solutions that Zoho does and in nearly all cases are significantly cheaper  than that of their competition, in some cases up to 1/5th less.  Being cheaper doesn’t mean less capable. Zoho products are best of breed, in fact we believe that Zoho CRM is the best on the market today even compared to the likes of SalesForce®.

Probably the biggest benefit is the ability of their business solutions to integrate, from email, to telephony, to contact management, accounting, operations, employee management, sales and marketing, the list goes on.  All business systems can be accessed via the ONE logon and the entire system can be uniquely configured to meet every customer business process enabling automation that reduces complexity, waste and cost.

Being an open system, it also enables integration into 3rd party systems so that data from all facets of the business process can be tracked and actioned through Zoho.  This provides a single view for all customer interactions, be it sales orders, invoices, customer inquiries, phone calls, emails, text messages and the like can all be viewed through the one integrated platform.

Using scripting and  the Zoho application interface, tailored applications can be built on top of Zoho to create purpose built business solutions for a fraction of the cost of pre built apps and best of all are designed for YOUR business, not everyone’s business.

Zoho pricing is also very attractive, for example for as little as A$35 per user per month Zoho One customers have access to over 40 business applications from CRM, email, HR, finance, communications……  the list go on.

Sign up for your Zoho trial with us and receive (1) hr of Zoho consulting free of charge.